“Raven is one of the most robust OBD-II devices we’ve tested.”

– Mark W. Westlake, CEO & Founder, Gearbrain

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Raven uses the power of real-time video telematics to provide live and historic views into the vehicle and accountability for the driver. Go beyond a typical dash camera to stay connected, protected, and informed.

Video confirmation in one click

Dual HD dash cameras provide immediate access to cabin- and road-facing video anytime. Live-stream remotely and review recorded footage from previous trips, so you always know what occurs on the road.

Tracking and alerts in real-time

GPS tracking pinpoints the current location of your vehicle up to the second, and confirms where it has been. Rest assured Raven will notify you with an immediate alert if anything takes place that needs your attention.

Telematics in context

Sensors and the OBD-II reporting tool work in sync with Raven’s cameras to keep track of driving activity and what was happening in and around the car during critical events.

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