Raven has long serviced light, and medium-duty vehicles on the J1979 standard (often referred to as OBDII), providing live video […]
Driver coaching provides guidance and support to drivers to help them improve their skills, knowledge, and behavior on the road. […]
Raven Connected works with a wide range of integration partners to develop unique and value-added applications for the Raven Video […]
The third phase of the joint Blackberry L-Spark accelerator program wrapped up last week. Spanning five months, this latest round […]
Idling refers to the engine of a vehicle running while stopped, this includes a variety of behaviors like stopped at […]
When driving, Raven is always recording, making sure that anything that happens on the road is available for your review. […]
Professionals within the towing industry face daily challenges, from traumatic and stressful situations at accident sites to extreme weather conditions […]
What it is There’s never an instance where removing a dash camera from a vehicle is desirable. It takes the […]
Mobile Security service providers are charged with the oversight and protection of high-value assets, leveraging dedicated vehicles and highly trained […]
Fire protection service providers assist their clients in complying with complex regulations with far-reaching impacts on personal health and safety. […]