Raven Connected

Vehicle tracking and driver monitoring: Keeping your business assets in sight.

Dual HD dash cameras with live-streaming video

AI-powered cabin- and road-facing cameras detect, stream, and record in real-time.

Real-time critical
event detections and alerts

Event-detecting sensors alert and report on events such as negligent driving, break-ins and accidents as they happen.

Turn-key vehicle monitoring and asset tracking

Traditional telematics data, coupled with Raven’s connected cameras, provide both a historical and up-to-date status of drivers, vehicles and other assets.


We make it easy to integrate Raven into your applications using our webhooks, APIs and single-sign-on, embedded components.

Monitor employee performance

Using AI and facial recognition, Raven can link events directly to specific drivers. Know immediately who is driving and how many passengers are in the vehicle. The Raven reporting framework collects all driver and vehicle data to inform you of inefficient or dangerous driving, so that you can make proactive decisions about your business.

Defend your operations

Did one of your employees get into a collision? Immediately review the incident with Raven’s dual dash cameras, telematics and sensor data to set the record straight. Exonerate your drivers and keep your insurance premiums low. Raven stores all trip data, including videos, critical events and locations, so that even later on you can always refer back to what happened.

Simplify administrative responsibilities

Communicate safely and efficiently with employees on the road by sending messages from your web app right to Raven’s screens. Vehicle and driver reports provide insights into service hours, driving characteristics and accountability. Report data can be exported as a part of your custom workflows.

“Raven helps me to manage my fleet and work crews. I’m able to track all of my vehicles and see exactly when my employees are moving from one job to the next. With Raven’s tracking, I know whether or not we’re on schedule.”

– Giuseppe Maniaci, President, Bytown Paving

The all-in-one solution

Raven’s comprehensive video telematics device mounts directly to the dash or windshield of your vehicles. Plugged into the OBD-II port, the device is always connected to relay vehicle and driver information back to you through the Raven web and mobile apps.

Live GPS Tracking

Track driver locations in real-time to ensure drivers are where they need to be and are taking the right routes to get there.

Live Video Streaming

Live stream road- and cabin-facing camera video. Streams are saved to the cloud and available for download when needed.

Event Cloud Video

Videos are captured for all events and can be accessed remotely. Critical event videos automatically upload to the cloud, ready for review and download.

Historical video streaming

Stream continuous video footage, not covered by Raven’s events, remotely and save it to the cloud.

OBD-II Telematics

The on-board diagnostics reporting tool monitors your vehicle, including diagnostic trouble codes when engine issues arise.


Be alerted to poor driving behaviour, including idling, speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.


Always-on sensors alert you if any of your vehicles are moved, bumped, towed, or broken into. You’ll be notified and can review associated images and videos.

Trip History

Review vehicle route histories by date to follow along the route that the driver took and any events that occurred along the way.


Review how vehicles are used and how employees are performing. Use facial recognition to tie trip data to drivers.

Mobile and Web Applications

Connect with the web and mobile apps. Whether you’re on the go or settled at a computer, you can stay up to date with your drivers and vehicles.

Dispatch Messaging

Maintain driver productivity and safety by sending messages from your web app right to Raven’s screens.

Facial Recognition

Make use of driver identification, authentication and passenger detection.


Set geofences to receive alerts when drivers arrive at a destination, exit boundaries, or enter unauthorized areas.

Event Review

Enhance driver coaching initiatives by reviewing event types of interest with associated media and data.

Enhanced Video Access

Review and download high-definition video snippets by visually selecting a segment of interest.

Simple Installation and Setup

New Ravens are automatically assigned to your business account before shipping. Just plug in your Raven and start monitoring your vehicles. No additional setup is required.

Plug Raven+ in & route the cable

Mount Raven+ on the dash

See Raven+ online and connected – immediately.

If you run into challenges, you can speak directly with our support team.
Call 1-833-842-0439 or email

Tech Specs

Road Facing Camera:

140 degree field of view

Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor

1080p recorded video

720p live streaming video

Cabin Facing Camera:

130 degree field of view

OmniVision CMOS sensor

720p recorded video

720p live streaming video

High-quality infrared night vision sensor


High-fidelity speaker

Dual noise cancelling microphones






Air pressure

Magnetometer (Compass)





Bluetooth, BLE



USB (Micro-B)


Powered by the OBD-II port with intelligent power management

Backup battery if Raven is unplugged


Height: 2.0″

Width: 1.1″

Length: 7.75″

Weight: 0.37lbs




Encrypted cloud storage

Secure web transfer (TLS 1.2)


Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 64-bit hexa-core CPU