Full Stack Solution

Integrating video telematics into your platform involves more than just selecting a capable hardware device. A sophisticated integration also requires a comprehensive set of tools backed by a skilled engineering team to build it and keep it running seamlessly. With Raven’s full control of the hardware-firmware-cloud, integration, and engineering support tools, you can be confident of a successful integration.

Your Full Scope Platform Integration

Each partnership is unique, requiring an individualized approach. Raven commits a cross-functional team to deliver everything from dedicated firmware and cloud environments to customized packaging, ensuring an exceptional experience for your end-users.

Dedicated Cloud Stack

Leveraging a dedicated Raven cloud environment for your integration, connect Raven’s data streams and services into your platform using our Restful APIs, webhooks, and embeddable JS web components.

Telematics Data Stream

Receive GPS location, vehicle state and other pertinent driving information, updated every 2 seconds.

Event Data Stream

Match driver safety and vehicle security events with associated media for real-time and historic insights.

JS Web Components

Accelerate development with embeddable web components to access complex workflows such as real-time previews and live or historic video streaming.

Configuration and Customization

Customize Raven to match your branding and user experience. Select your own packaging, collateral, and firmware-level, digital displays.

Raven Support Tool

Manage accounts, diagnose device, vehicle, and connectivity support issues with the powerful Raven Support Tool. For complex requests utilize the direct support line to Raven engineers.

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