Dual Live

Road- and cabin-facing cameras capture incident, gesture, and timelapse videos that you can watch at any time. Raven’s LTE connection enables remote live-streaming from anywhere, anytime.


Receive notifications and camera recordings of events even when you’re away from your car: break-ins, vehicle theft, parking lot bumps, towing and more.

Live Tracking & Navigation

Raven’s GPS and turn-by-turn navigation will get you to your destination. You can even share your trip, so others can follow along: “I’m on my way! Follow along.”

Vehicle & Driver

Be notified of unusual incidents, diagnose engine trouble codes, and know when and how your car is being driven.

The connected dashcam you’ve been looking for.

Raven+ is your all-in-one connected car solution. With built-in cellular LTE, cameras, sensors, and data, this mighty device is the perfect upgrade for your vehicle.


Dual Dashcams

Raven’s HD road-facing and night-vision-enabled cabin camera continuously record and offer live-streaming access.

Live GPS Tracking

Always know your vehicle’s location with a live map view.

Security Alerts

Bumped, towed, or broken into? Raven will immediately notify you on your mobile device.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Long road trip ahead? Allow passengers to connect to Raven’s Wi-Fi hotspot for entertainment on the road.

Gesture and Event-Triggered Video

Easily save short video clips to your phone by gesturing to Raven. Raven will also save clips that contain a critical event, like a crash.


Timelapses are created for each trip. Download them to your phone for easy sharing with your network.

Next-Turn Navigation

Need directions? Raven screens present turn-by-turn navigation and ETA information.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Engine light on? Raven will interpret the Diagnostic Trouble Code and tell you what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Trip Sharing

I’m on my way! Send a link of your current trip to show a live map and road-facing camera view to anyone.

Mobile App

Monitor your vehicles by using Raven’s mobile app. Full and equivalent support on iOS and Android.

Web App

Raven’s rich web app lets you access your vehicle from your desktop.

Driving History

Access routes, events, images and videos of past trips.

Real-time Information

Get real-time vehicle information including speed, fuel and more.

Multi-Raven Support

Have more than one vehicle? No problem. Raven’s mobile and web app support multiple vehicles.

App Sharing

Share full access to your Raven with loved ones to provide them peace of mind while you’re on the road.