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Raven+ uses the power of real-time video telematics to provide live and historic views into the vehicle and accountability for the driver. Go beyond a typical dash camera to stay connected, protected, and informed.


Dual HD dash cameras provide immediate access to cabin- and road-facing video anytime. Live-stream remotely and review recorded footage from previous trips, so you always know what occurs on the road.


GPS tracking pinpoints the current location of your vehicle up to the second, and confirms where it has been. Rest assured Raven will notify you with an immediate alert if anything takes place that needs your attention.


Sensors and the OBD-II reporting tool work in sync with Raven’s cameras to keep track of driving activity and what was happening in and around the car during critical events.

Same great service, new sophisticated design.

Comprehensive vehicle protection

Raven+ provides enhanced monitoring and security on the road and off. Capture high-quality video at night with double the brightness on the infrared night vision LED. While your vehicle is parked, the road-facing security LED shines brightly to warn off unwanted visitors. Anti-tamper SD and SIM card covers ensure your footage and data remain secure and available for your review.

Reliable function, polished form

Raven+ offers a new sleek and discreet design that complements any vehicle. A single crisp display provides pertinent driving details seamlessly without pulling attention from the road. The durable, temperature-resistant enclosure and quieter dual fan system are built to handle extreme vehicle conditions.



$ 299 $ 249
  • Dual HD dash cameras (road- and cabin-facing)
  • GPS tracing (updated every 2 seconds)
  • Security sensors and alerts
  • Real-time vehicle and driver events and alerts
  • Live, real-time video streaming (from Mobile App)
  • Customizable displays
  • Gesture triggered videos — transferred automatically to your phone
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Trip histories
  • Trip timelapses
  • Engine trouble codes
  • Speeding events and alerts
  • Mobile app (live dashboard and histories)
  • Web app
  • Geofencing (up to 4 zones)

Also includes Wi-Fi Hotspot


  • Plug and play installation
  • Unlimited vehicles and app sharing for families and friends
  • 1 hour continuous loop recording (expandable with SD card)


$ 399 $ 349
  • All of the features included in the personal plan
  • Extended event detection (idling, driver identification, passenger count, and more)
  • Live, real-time streaming (from both mobile and web apps)
  • Engine trouble codes and full OBDII-based telematics
  • Automatic video-to-cloud upload of critical event videos
  • Driver identification via facial recognition
  • Driver-based reporting
  • Detailed vehicle, driver and event reporting
  • Geofencing (unlimited zones)
  • Historical video streaming


  • Plug and play installation
  • Unlimited vehicles and app sharing for your fleet and across accounts
  • Continuous loop recording up to 30 hours (shipped with ultra-fast SD card)
  • Pre-provisioned: New Ravens are automatically assigned to your business account before shipping. Just plug in your Raven and start monitoring your vehicles. No additional setup is required.

Pre-Sale pricing cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Service Plans


$ 14 .95 $ 10

per month



4G LTE data per Raven, per month

Separate for each Raven device.

Raven’s no-contract LTE service plan is simple. When you power up your device, you will receive one month free of Raven service . Service will continue month-over-month after the promotion period is over.

Need more data? When you go over your limit, we add another 1GB of data for $10.

Available for Raven Personal devices.


$ 29 .95 $ 14 .95

per month




4G LTE data per Raven, per month

Data is pooled across all of your Ravens

Consolidated billing across your Raven fleet.

Raven’s no-contract LTE service starts as soon as you plug in the device and continues month-over-month for each unit. Easily add or take away units depending on your fleet size. Our single plan provides you with everything you need to connect your fleet.

Need more data? When you go over your limit, we add another 1GB of data for $10.

Available for Raven Business devices.

Promotional service plan pricing is available to new customers only. All existing customers will remain on their existing plan.

Additional Details

When will my Raven+ ship?

Raven+ units purchased during the pre-sale will begin shipping at the beginning of November.

Network coverage

North America wide LTE cellular coverage.

Monthly top-up

Need more data? When you go over your limit, we’ll add another 1GB of data for $10.

SD cards

For any business use, all Raven devices must use an acceptable SD card either provided or  recommended by Raven Connected to comply with  the warranty.

What’s in the box
  • Raven+
  • OBDII cable
  • Adhesive mount
  • 4 adhesive cable clips
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe
  • Allen key
  • Micro SD card (for business units)