Raven Device Buyback Program

Program description and eligibility

The Raven Buyback Program offers Telus customers a partial reimbursement of $300 for a single Raven device purchased from Telus on a month-to-month service plan. Applications must be submitted within 45-days of the original ship date, and the Raven device must be returned within 60-days of the original ship date in full working condition without physical damages to the enclosure, electronic components, or connectors. To participate in the program, please complete the application form below.

Process for participation

Within five days of receiving the application form and provided eligibility criteria have been met, Raven Connected will provide a return shipping label and an accompanying commercial invoice via email to be included with the return. You will be responsible for packaging the Raven device (including mount and power cable) in the original packaging or suitable equivalent to protect the device during transport. You will also be responsible for coordinating drop-off or pick-up via Raven’s designated courier service.

Within five days of receiving the returned device, Raven will perform a final inspection to confirm compliance with the remaining eligibility criteria. If any eligibility criteria have not been met, Raven will provide a written explanation and offer return shipping at your sole risk and expense. If all eligibility criteria have been met, Raven will issue an e-transfer of $300 to the specified email address as provided in the application form.

It is your responsibility to terminate the related month-to-month service for the device with Telus directly.

All references to $ under this program are Canadian Dollars.

All references to “days” under this program refer to calendar days.

Applications to participate in this program will be accepted through June 30th, 2021.

Raven reserves the right to extend or cancel the program with 60-day advance notification.