No. The Raven Referral program discounts are applicable for net new customers only.

No, The Raven Referral Program is applicable for net new customers one time only.

While Raven+ ships standard with a 8′ cable, additional 6′, 8′, and extender cables are available for order. Our standard 8ft cable is excellent for sedans and most SUVs.

Note: Dangling cables can be a tripping hazard and damage the unit or vehicle. Securely tuck all cables away.

Raven comes with a 30-day test drive period and one year limited warranty policy. For all of the boring legal details please visit our Return and Warranty page.

A typical 256 GB SD Card can store up to 115 hours of footage.

We advise parking in shaded areas to limit direct sun exposure which elevates the internal car temperature well beyond what most electronic devices can handle to operate properly.

Raven is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and has a built-in cooling fan. The internal components are designed to moderate when it exceeds the operating temperature range as listed below:

  • Raven’s operating temperature range: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C)
  • Ambient temperature outside of operating temperature range may cause Raven to power down until operating temperature range has been reached.

Raven is alert even when the car is off and will only shutdown if your car battery reaches 11.9 volts.

  • Raven
  • 8′ OBDII cable
  • Adhesive mount
  • 4 adhesive cable clips
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe
  • Allen key
  • SD card with business units

Yes. Raven records audio from gesture videos, event triggered videos, live and historical streaming, and continuous footage. Note that audio is disabled by default. If you would like audio recordings in your videos, it can be enabled from the settings section of the Web App.

Purchasing Ravens from non authorized sellers voids warranty and support.

Yes. Raven makes all event videos accessible for viewing and download via the cloud. These videos can be accessed in the web app.
No. Using micro SD cards that do not meet the recommended specifications can result in zero byte files, corrupted images, video, or poor live video streaming. We recommend purchasing Micro SD cards from our web store. For more information, please read our support article.
To change your shipping address, please contact info@klashwerks.com with your order number.
Raven is manufactured in Ontario, Canada.
We ship to United States and Canada.
Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Please provide 14 business days notice to cancel for the next monthly billing cycle. Otherwise, you will incur an additional month of service. You can cancel easily in both the Web and Mobile apps from the account/settings section.
United States and Canada
The data Raven collects is used to provide you with the Raven functionalities as well as to fix, maintain, and enhance the Raven experience. Your personally identifiable data will never be sold, traded or used in any way that violates our user license agreement.
The Raven device, communication, and mobile apps are secure. They all employ industry-best practices for authentication, authorization and encryption. Raven only collects information. It cannot write information to your vehicle’s computer or change the way your car works. All data communication between the device, cloud services and the mobile app occurs over encrypted connections, which prevents unauthorized third-party access to those communications. All of your data and videos on Raven are password protected.
Raven’s standard power supply comes from the vehicle’s diagnostics (OBD-II) port usually found beneath the driver’s side dashboard, below the steering wheel. For J1939 or other power connections additional power options are available on our pricing page. Note: Some functionality will be limited with the use of alternative power methods.
Raven can be mounted onto the vehicles dashboard or windshield.
Yes, but it will not support all telematic functionality. The CAN bus protocol was mandated for all vehicles sold in North America from 2008 onwards. Prior to 2008 a number of different protocols were used across car manufacturers and only some used CAN bus. Raven supports older vehicles equipped with an OBD port but with different behaviour. For example, the displays will turn off when idling for longer than 5 minutes.
Raven is fully compatible with most light duty gas, hybrid and electric vehicles built from 2008 and beyond. If you own a Tesla, EV or hybrid it may exhibit behaviour similar to a non-CAN bus vehicle. Heavy duty vehicles require a J1939 adaptor or special configuration. Alternate power cables can be purchased from our pricing page.


If you go over the 1GB limit, you will be charged an additional $10 for each additional GB up to a maximum of 5GB per billing cycle. 

To unlock additional data after the 5GB cap, contact support@ravenconnected.com.

Yes, Raven can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.
You, as a Raven account owner, can grant and revoke access to up to 10 different users at any time.
You can access each Raven installed vehicle through the same app. Allowing you to switch between camera views and telematics. Notifications will be shared.
Yes, it is very straightforward and easy to install. Once you’ve plugged in and mounted the device you just need to pair it with your personal mobile device.
Absolutely. You can have Ravens for each vehicle you own.
Yes, you can cancel your service plan at any time. From the mobile or web app you can cancel your service from the settings/accounts section. For additional questions please reach out to support@ravenconnected.com
In the web app, under the Billing section, you can see more details of your service plan and make management changes to it as required.
Not at this time.
No. Though you won’t have access to Raven’s LTE features, you’ll still be able to use Raven as a dashcam for full length videos, gesture triggered videos along with time lapses. You’ll also be able to use Raven’s displays to show driving data such as speed, compass, fuel, altitude, etc. In the app, you’ll have access to the media manager, settings, historical trips and historical driver reports.


Yes, we sell an OBD-II to J1939 adaptor.  To order an OBD-II to J1939 adapter check out our pricing page.

Please note that alternate power options limit some functionality.

All of your Ravens will come auto-provisioned to your account. Once they’ve been installed you’ll see them populate in the web-app. If you decide to add additional Ravens they will be added to your account by contacting Sales or Support.
Please contact Sales for changes or email support@ravenconnected.com and someone will be in contact to provide you with your options. In the web app, you can manage your account to update your credit card information and also see your data usage.
Yes, it is very straightforward and easy to install. Your Raven business account is configured to provision your Raven GPS dash camera system so it is virtually a ‘plug and mount’ setup.