Yes. Raven records audio from gesture videos, event triggered videos, live and historical streaming, and continuous footage.
Purchasing Ravens from non authorized sellers voids warranty and support.
Yes. Raven makes all event videos accessible for viewing and download via the cloud. These videos can be accessed in […]
No. Using micro SD cards that do not meet the recommended specifications can result in zero byte files, corrupted images, […]
All of your Ravens will come auto-provisioned to your account. Once they’ve been installed you’ll see them populate in the […]
Please contact Sales for changes or email and someone will be in contact to provide you with your options. […]
Yes, it is very straightforward and easy to install. Your Raven business account is configured to provision your Raven GPS […]
Yes, Raven can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.
You, as a Raven account owner, can grant and revoke access to up to 10 different users at any time.
You can access each Raven installed vehicle through the same app. Allowing you to switch between camera views and telematics. […]