What it is There’s never an instance where removing a dash camera from a vehicle is desirable. It takes the […]
What it is Event Cloud Video enables fleet managers to easily retrieve high-quality footage from significant driving incidents from their […]
Office manager reviewing Raven Facial Recognition Reporting
What it is The Raven Connected Reporting feature rounds up data collected through its advanced telematics capabilities. It presents this […]
What it is Many new dash camera systems offer the ability to access footage via a cloud connection remotely. Live […]
What it is Geofences are digitally generated zones that set restrictions on real-world geographic locations. For fleets, a device with […]
What it is If you would like to share vehicle location and status with another person regularly, use the Raven […]
What it is Operating a business where employees report to different work sites or client calls can be challenging to […]
What it is Identifying drivers can be particularly important when employees share vehicles. Still, even when they’re not, it can […]