Filta Houston, Environmental Kitchen Solutions

Houston, Texas

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions of Houston Franchisee Mike Powers leverages Raven to provide situational intelligence for his remote field operations, keeping his teams on time, distraction-free, and protected in the case of accidents and insurance claims.

Their Story

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions provides cooking oil micro-filtration services to restaurants and commercial kitchens worldwide. Mike Powers and his Filta franchise provide their green services to the Greater Houston Area, extending the life of cooking oils and turning waste into biodiesel. 

Mike had experience with vehicle tracking systems before he discovered Raven. He was already into his second system when his franchise encountered a handful of collisions including a hit and run. He needed a dashcam solution, in addition to his tracker, so that he could review situations first hand and protect his company and drivers in the case of insurance claims. He had never considered that a single system could serve both purposes.

Not only has Raven provided the visibility into his vehicles that Mike was looking for, it also alleviated a longstanding challenge he had faced with prior GPS trackers. Mike told us that the previous solutions they had tried had undependable GPS. “It would say that a vehicle was in one place, but it was sitting right in front of me. With Raven’s 2 second updates, the GPS has been very dependable, and when I need to be certain of a driver’s location, I can use the live streaming feature to see into the vehicle and road in real-time.” 

Beyond simple tracking, Mike uses Raven to improve relations with clients and keep drivers accountable. He leverages the Share Trip feature to let clients know when employees are on their way and Geofence alerts to know that his teams are on schedule. If drivers have trouble along the way, he can see first hand what is happening and navigate them to hard-to-find locations. He has even reduced instances of distracted driving, verifying that employees pay attention while behind the wheel. 

“I think the key word is accountability. My staff always knew we had GPS tracking for our vehicles, but now with Raven they know I can see if they are texting and driving. I can also look through the windshield with them if they are lost or don’t know where to go by doing a live stream and saying “where that green truck just pulled out is where you need to turn.””

Mike Powers, Owner Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Houston, TX


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