Last-mile delivery operations are pivotal in the modern supply chain, ensuring that goods reach their final destinations promptly and safely. Whether delivering packages to homes, supplying goods to retailers, or facilitating the transfer of items between warehouses, the efficiency and reliability of last-mile delivery services can significantly impact customer satisfaction and business success. Raven enhances last-mile delivery operations by offering real-time tracking and comprehensive visibility into the location and status of your delivery vehicles.

Will it improve my operations? 

Raven’s real-time GPS updates and live-streaming road-facing camera provide your operations team with instant insights into the progress and status of each delivery vehicle. Monitoring vehicle locations in real time enables better coordination and scheduling, ensuring timely deliveries.

Utilizing Geofence triggers allows you to track vehicle entry and exit times at specific locations. This facilitates monitoring on-time performance and enables proactive adjustments to delivery schedules. Analyzing Raven’s reports can help identify trends and improve operational efficiency resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Raven’s connection with your vehicle’s diagnostic port enables the detection of service-related alerts, empowering you to proactively schedule maintenance and prevent potential issues, thereby reducing downtime and avoiding costly repairs.


Finally, last-mile delivery operations are also highly susceptible to parking tickets, especially in downtown cores where finding appropriate stopping areas can be challenging. Raven can help address this issue by verifying that drivers are making efforts to stop in designated zones. Leveraging the video footage captured by Raven’s road-facing camera, you can ensure that your drivers adhere to parking regulations and guidelines, thereby minimizing the risk of receiving parking tickets.

Can it improve communications with our drivers?

Raven enables seamless communication with your drivers through the Driver Messaging feature available on the Raven Web app. You can send timely alerts to inform drivers about changes to their next delivery location, provide contact details for recipients, or share essential instructions, enhancing driver productivity and customer service.

How can I keep my customers informed about their deliveries?

Raven allows you to share the real-time location of your delivery vehicles, complete with a live map and images from the road-facing camera, with customers awaiting their deliveries. By providing customers with accurate and up-to-date information about their shipments, Raven helps build trust and confidence in your delivery service, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Incorporating Raven into your last-mile delivery fleet can revolutionize your operations, driving efficiency, enhancing communication, and elevating customer satisfaction. With Raven, you can ensure that your deliveries arrive on time and your business remains competitive.


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