Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control

Orlando, Florida

A full-service lawn care and pest control company leverages Raven’s dash cameras to verify what happens on-site and on the road. Recorded video footage creates excellent training demonstration content for the continued education of their employees.

Their Story

Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control is a full-service lawn care and pest control company that has been providing complete pest management and lawn care solutions in the greater Orlando area since 1991. Their number one priority has always been providing customers with the highest quality services and an outstanding customer experience.

Evergreen was initially looking for a dash camera solution for their fleet because trucks were returning to the office with minor damages. They wanted to verify what happened on the road:

“These are expensive trucks that we use, and before we installed Raven, my guys were coming back with a little ding here and a dent there, not huge problems, but little things that add up. Now that I’ve put the Ravens in, we’ve gone probably a year without any damages.”

Raven’s presence in Evergreen’s vehicles have made technicians more mindful and accountable on the road. Raven also provides the team with peace of mind knowing that the dual dash camera could help exonerate them in the cause of an accident: “We’re protecting [our technicians] as much as protecting ourselves,” says Jim Fanning, CEO of Evergreen. “So long as they follow the rules, the camera is their friend because it will prove they were not on the cellphone and that they aren’t in the wrong.”

Beyond verification purposes, Evergreen leverages Raven as a training tool for their technicians. Supervisors regularly retrieve the continuously recorded video footage from the SD cards and pull clips they can use in training demonstrations. Evergreen believes that their distinguished service is achieved through constant training and continued education of their employees. Raven’s videos enhance this training by providing personal and specific examples of the dos and don’ts on the job.

“I have no doubt that this thing will catch on fire in our industry because there’s nothing like it. I’ve seen one or two other options out there, but [Raven] continues to develop features to be the best. In the end, all we’re trying to do is to protect our business. If an accident occurs, you need people to admit what did or didn’t happen, but with Raven, you just go in there and find out with a search.”


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