What it is

Event Cloud Video enables fleet managers to easily retrieve high-quality footage from significant driving incidents from their remote location. The main components that will allow a feature like this are a dash camera, a cellular connection, and the software to retrieve it. Some solutions come piecemeal with multiple hardware components and require the vehicle to park or for the devices to communicate before uploading videos to the cloud. 

Ravens system offers a singular hardware component with an internal cellular connection ensuring no delay in receiving videos. Once you’re alerted to the event, the video is available for your review and download.  

Depending on the sensors or telematics derived from the device, different solutions offer different options for events that trigger videos. For Raven, all event types enable the ability to request the video on business accounts. Some critical events like potential impact or harsh braking events are automatically uploaded to the cloud and available for viewing.

How Cloud Video can benefit your operations

Exonerate Your Driver and Avoid Insurance Hikes

When fleet vehicles are involved in a collision, fingers often get pointed quickly to the business. There’s not much you can do to avoid a major insurance hike without concrete evidence. Raven’s cloud video feature takes the effort out of insurance claims by alerting you to the collision and making video footage available for you to clear your driver’s involvement and fire off the footage to your insurance provider immediately. 

Improve driver performance and reduce wear and tear on vehicles

Reports offer behavioral trends to identify poor driving but don’t offer tangible resources to help correct the issue. When you identify consistently poor driving by one of your employees, event cloud videos can be pulled to review and offer improvements. You can remove the emotions by providing a video-based coaching moment, ensuring the conversation sticks to the facts. Previous driver footage can also be included in onboard training to set a clear precedent of acceptable versus unacceptable behavior on the road.   

Retrieve break-in evidence 

Parking lots full of company vehicles can become a prime location for quick, unnoticed break-ins. Without any evidence, minimal police resources are allocated to these events. Leveraging cloud video, you can remotely access footage from the break-in to include in a police report and for your understanding of what happened and if anything was taken.   

How it works

Raven’s internal sensors detect when a driving event has occurred. These events range in severity from speeding to a potential accident. When an event is detected, the device alerts the Web App. While many events will be benign, those the manager deems valuable can access the video and download as needed. Once a video has been accessed, the manager can go back and review it within the Web App at any point.


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