Remote Cloud Video

What it is

Cloud video enables remote video download from the Raven device. Raven classifies certain events as ‘critical’, such as a ‘Possible Accident’, automatically uploading video to the cloud without action required from the user.

How it works

Raven is packed with a variety of sensors, allowing it to detect important events; including, poor driving behaviors, break-ins, or possible collisions. When Raven detects an event, it sends an immediate alert and preview images to the mobile and web apps; however, this could still leave questions unanswered. What exactly happened? What was happening in the moments leading up to the event and in the moments after?

With Raven’s Remote Cloud Video, video footage of all detected events, from both the cabin- and road-facing cameras, will be immediately available for your review. Now you can access remote videos from Raven and confirm what really happened.

Raven’s LTE connection enables it to communicate with the cloud. When the internal sensors on Raven detect dangerous driving or an accident, the device marks the 5 seconds before the event and 5 seconds, then pushes it to the cloud immediately or provides the option on the web app to do so.


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