United Transportation Group

A full-service ride scheduling and dispatch services company needed to monitor the drivers of its 40-vehicle fleet to prevent unprofessional conduct and verify customer complaints.

Their Story

United Transportation Group (UTG) provides personal delivery, scheduled rides, and dispatch services across Massachusetts. Founded in 2011, UTG specializes in non-emergency medical transportation, workers’ compensation transportation, airport transportation, and affordable transportation solutions. 

Raven’s live HD dual dash cameras ensure that company assets are used appropriately and that drivers conduct themselves professionally.

Continuous trip recordings protect staff drivers from false accusations and immediately resolve customer complaints. 

With a large and widely dispersed workforce, and regular employee turnover, maintaining oversight over staff presented a challenge for the UTG team. Despite rigorous and ongoing training for all staff, UTG continued to experience high rates of at-fault accidents and customer complaints. With no way to verify customers’ claims or determine the legitimacy of a driver’s story, UTG was unable to take action. As a small business, UTG needed a more efficient and reliable way to track its operations and to monitor its employees discreetly without completely breaking the budget. 

While investigating other dashcam options, UTG recognized that Raven’s live-streaming multi-view cameras, GPS, and incident reports features combined all of the elements needed to oversee its fleet. 

“We genuinely wish […] that we have purchased Raven sooner, as it is a big asset to the company.”

After installing Raven in its vehicles, UTG saw immediate results. The company was able to check in on its drivers discreetly and intervene if they were texting and driving, or if they appeared to be under the influence or tired. Raven’s continuously recording cameras also made settling disputes and verifying claims from both drivers and customers quick and straightforward. This oversight allowed UTG to protect its drivers from false accusations, or take disciplinary action when needed. 

Raven’s live cameras and tracking features also allowed UTG to see that corporate vehicles were used appropriately. At any time, the business could quickly confirm that any vehicle in use was transporting a legitimate customer, that no unauthorized passengers were in the vehicle, and that the vehicle was driven for professional reasons.

“Raven has resolved all of the issues we had initially purchased it for; it has allowed our organization to prevent accidents, resolve client complaints, improve driver performance and enforce policies. The only thing we genuinely wish is that we had purchased Raven sooner, as it is such a big asset to the company.”

“Raven’s live streaming multi-view cameras were unmatchable.”


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