Expert Relocation Systems

Austin, Texas

A full-service ride scheduling and dispatch services company that uses Raven’s dash cameras and tracking to monitor the drivers of its 40-vehicle fleet to prevent unprofessional conduct and verify customer complaints.

Their Story

Expert Relo specializes in commercial moving and relocation services in the Austin, Texas area. This company promises to deliver high-quality, efficient and reliable service during client relocation, using a uniquely developed transportation system. With no damaged article claims at all in its 18 years of service, maintaining this quality standard is a priority. Expert Relo’s drivers play a pivotal role in its success. Driver performance can mean the difference between a successful job and a dissatisfied customer. Drivers are both the core of business operations and the connection to the consumer.

Because Expert Relo’s operations rely on seamless and reliable transportation services, driver consistency and dependability are essential. Careless or aggressive driving is unacceptable, but without a formal fleet management system, Export Relo was forced to rely on trust. To ensure that drivers demonstrate professionalism and uphold a premium quality standard, Expert Relo needed a fleet management system to directly oversee and connect to its fleet. Raven’s features made it easy to identify vehicles’ locations in real-time, monitor driving performance, and check in on drivers.

“As a small business, pricing was a main concern.”

The solution also had to be cost-effective for the small business. While upfront costs were a consideration, Raven’s affordable month-to-month plan made it an ideal candidate for Expert Relo’s needs. Raven’s data rates allow Expert Relo managers to use live streaming when they need to, without having to worry about dramatic service plan fees.

“I had a few reasons for choosing Raven, but the main ones were:
– Where are my trucks at any given moment?
– How are my guys driving?
– Who caused the accident that has been reported to me?
– Are the correct men in the correct truck?”

Within the first week of introducing Raven into its operations, Expert Relo was able to completely eliminate smoking in their trucks. Some “bad eggs” were identified in the driver line-up, and Raven’s live stream feature helped monitor drivers’ real-time performance. Driver and incident reports provided a historical record of any incidents or erratic driving, all organized by vehicle. It was clear that Raven played an important role in Expert Relo’s fleet management, and continues to help Expert Relo maintain its spotless track record.


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