What it is

Dispatch Messaging allows users to send messages instantly to Raven’s screens via the Raven Connected web app.

How it works

Message drivers with important information while limiting distractions with Dispatch messages. Messages with up to 15 characters sent from the Raven Connected web app will appear immediately across Ravens screens for 1 minute. After one minute, the message and time received will appear at the top of Raven screens along with your previously set Raven screens for 15 minutes or until cleared.

If the vehicle is parked when the message sends, it will appear for 1 minute then 15 minutes when the vehicle starts again.

How to use Dispatch Messaging

  1. From the web app, select a vehicle from the map. A box including the vehicle’s information will pop-up. 
  2. At the bottom of the vehicle status box where it says ‘Message’, select from the preset options or type out your own message. Click the paper airplane icon to send.

To clear the message from Raven’s screen, click the x beside the message in the information box.


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