What it is

What time will the service vehicle get to my house? Will my driver be at the pickup point when I arrive? These are routine questions frequently asked by clients of service-based businesses. While estimates can be helpful, clarity for the customer can substantially improve satisfaction. The Trip Sharing feature with Raven enables the ability to share with anyone temporarily the vehicle’s location and road-facing preview images.

How to use Trip Sharing to improve your business

Enhance Customer Experience 

Preemptively share trips with all customers to give them a heads-up when the vehicle is on its way. With a precise GPS location and views out the front window, clients can better make expectations about the service delivery. Improving client expectations and, ultimately, satisfaction.  

Manage Expectations

Changes happen, and when they do, ease customer expectations by sharing the updated plan with the trip share. If your delivery window changes due to an appointment going over or traffic congestion, be upfront and transparent with the client. While adjusting the service time frame is never ideal, providing a clearer picture that the vehicle is indeed on its way can alleviate tension and create a better understanding with the client. Honesty goes a long way, and with Ravens Trip Share feature, you can easily create transparency with your client. 

How it works

From the Raven Mobile and Web App dashboard, where you can see your vehicles’ live status and location, you can easily share any vehicle’s trip in seconds. From the Web App, the vehicle details panel for the selected vehicle provides a share trip button. The map on the Mobile App provides the same. Send this link via text, email, or through social channels. The recipient will receive a link to open in any browser. They will see the map of your trip updated in real time, along with image previews taken from your front-facing camera. When the trip ends, the link expires, and sharing is terminated. The link will no longer work after the trip ends. Raven considers a trip to end one hour after the car is turned off. If you’re already on the road, sharing a trip will send a link to the current trip. If the vehicle is parked, then the next trip will be shared.


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