Distracted driving poses a significant risk to road safety. Almost everyone on the road has a smartphone in their vehicle, and with these devices by our side, drivers often find themselves tempted to use them. This behavior is not only an apparent threat to driver and passenger well-being and safety but also impacts commercial vehicle operators and businesses in additional severe financial and legal ways. 

The impact on commercial vehicles and businesses as a result of a distracted driver is tremendous. Some additional pitfalls include:

Safety Hazards

Distracted driving significantly increases the chances of accidents involving commercial vehicles. The consequences can be detrimental, resulting in injuries or even fatalities. Such incidents not only harm the lives of individuals but also tarnish the reputation of businesses associated with the vehicles. 

Legal and Financial Consequences

Accidents caused by distracted driving can lead to legal ramifications, expensive lawsuits, and insurance claims. Businesses that rely on commercial vehicles may face financial burdens, including increased insurance premiums, repair costs, and potential litigation expenses. Moreover, legal liabilities and negative publicity can damage a company’s brand image and customer trust. 

Productivity Loss 

When drivers use cellphones, their attention is diverted from the road and their responsibilities. This leads to decreased productivity as delivery schedules are disrupted, customer satisfaction declines, and business operations are impacted. Ultimately, distracted driving negatively affects commercial operators’ overall efficiency and profitability.

Introducing Cellphone Detection on Raven

While the Raven Connected Video Telematics system has long alerted fleet managers to risky driving behaviors, including harsh braking, cornering, and aggressive acceleration, we’re pleased to announce that the system now explicitly detects cellphone use, aiming to mitigate the abovementioned pitfalls. 

The cabin-facing camera leverages AI to monitor driver behavior and check for a cellphone in hand. When detected, the driver is notified via a widget on Raven’s screen along with a tone sounded from the device, and an alert with paired media is immediately sent via the Raven apps. From one-offs to repeated offenders, managers can keep track of all instances, proactively reducing distracted driving.

Improve Behaviors

Raven’s Event Review feature accumulates triggered events with paired media for management to leverage in coaching initiatives. 

Exonerate Drivers

Captured and stored media can provide clear visuals of the driver’s actions, including cellphone use, offering critical support during insurance claims or legal proceedings. This helps businesses protect their interests, establish liability, and defend against false claims.

Maintain Focus

With an audible alert and toast widget on the Raven screen, drivers are alerted each time they pick up the phone, reminding them to put the phone down and keep their eyes on the road. Recurring reminders help instill necessary behavior changes to keep drivers focused. 

Together, we can make a difference and create safer roads for everyone.


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