Raven Connected works with a wide range of integration partners to develop unique and value-added applications for the Raven Video Telematics platform. As Raven Connected serves a wide range of industries, integrating with other technology providers quickly expands feature sets benefitting industry-specific needs while allowing us to focus on what we do best. One such partnership is with Ottawa-based Kahi.

Kahi provides asset tracking specially designed for restoration contractors. With roots in the industry, their background uniquely sets them up to deliver a solution to an issue that plagues the industry. Work sites faced by contractors are exceptionally challenging and, regardless of their size, require numerous pieces of equipment to complete the job properly. Keeping track of that equipment was historically problematic and manual, often resulting in lost or forgotten equipment. 

Kahi’s solution enables contractors to track their equipment as they travel to-and-from job sites, allowing automation of invoicing and equipment availability monitoring. A network of fixed and mobile BLE gateways are configured as per the client’s need, continuously scanning for Kahi’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, each one affixed to its own piece of equipment. Their system keeps track of the last location where all BLE Beacon tagged assets were seen and tracks how long a particular asset is on a specific job site, facilitating billing and asset recovery operations.

When Kahi and Raven Connected partnered, it was immediately evident how complementary the solutions were. Both solutions tackle limited visibility challenges that come with running a remote operation. The Raven in-vehicle device serves as a mobile BLE gateway for Kahi customers, allowing it to keep track of equipment in the field. While having Raven in the vehicle also enables restoration customers to benefit from Ravens Connected Video Telematics. Together the systems provide a complete line of sight over customers’ operations. 

The deep integration between the Kahi and Raven platforms makes it easy for interested customers by supporting the automated onboarding of new Kahi clients via API and Webhooks. This novel integration is helping Restoration companies to save money, take on more work, and mitigate costly equipment losses while at the same time keeping remote teams safer and vehicles more secure.

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