No. The Raven Referral program discounts are applicable for net new customers only.
While Raven+ ships standard with a 8′ cable, additional 6′, 8′, and extender cables are available for order. Our standard […]
Raven comes with a 30-day test drive period and one year limited warranty policy. For all of the boring legal […]
A typical 256 GB SD Card can store up to 115 hours of footage.
We advise parking in shaded areas to limit direct sun exposure which elevates the internal car temperature well beyond what […]
Raven is alert even when the car is off and will only shutdown if your car battery reaches 11.9 volts.
Raven 8′ OBDII cable Adhesive mount 4 adhesive cable clips Alcohol cleaning wipe Allen key SD card with business units
Yes. Raven records audio from gesture videos, event triggered videos, live and historical streaming, and continuous footage. Note that audio […]
Purchasing Ravens from non authorized sellers voids warranty and support.