What it is

Many new dash camera systems offer the ability to access footage via a cloud connection remotely. Live Streaming dash cameras take this ability to the next level, with an internal internet connection enabling the ability to check-in on a live feed in real-time of your drivers.

How to utilize Live Streaming to improve operations

Gain visibility over your remote field operations

Running an operation where employees are out in the field can often leave you feeling disconnected. There’s also an opportunity for disgruntled employees to take advantage of this situation. Whether you want to check-in and see how your employee is doing or if you’re suspicious of an employee’s level of productivity, live streaming provides a discreet manner to check in and keep tabs on your employees. If you find evidence through live streaming that your employee is slacking on the job, you can leverage the saved footage from your stream to have a discussion.  

Perform quality checks on driving performance 

Whether you operate a business that transports passengers or just want to verify that drivers stay focused on the road, live streaming helps you perform quality checks. While telematics data provides a good indication of their driving performance, video can tell the story of their interactions with clients. Random checks to ensure that employees stay focused and clients are treated with respect can go a long way in maintaining high service excellence. 

Check-in on suspicious activity. 

Suppose you’ve received a car movement event after hours. In that case, while you can access the cloud video event, it may not be long enough to include complete details. You can then check in live to see if there’s any questionable behavior going on. Live streaming can help you validate if the alert results in a security breach requiring immediate attention or if one of your employees just forgot something in the vehicle.

How it works

Raven’s include a dual-camera system with road and cabin-facing views. The device also has a cellular connection allowing it to communicate with its web and mobile apps immediately. This functionality provides the ability to watch live camera views from anywhere with the Raven companion apps. Once streamed, the footage is automatically saved for you to review it again later or download it if necessary. 


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