What it is

Geofences are digitally generated zones that set restrictions on real-world geographic locations. For fleets, a device with GPS is installed in the vehicle and connected to a location-based service. When you’ve enabled a geofence, you can remotely track off-limit zones or areas of interest to receive a notification when one of your vehicles has entered or exited a location or the duration that a vehicle has spent in that area. 

Raven’s solution enables point-based geofences with customizable sizing. This means that you can select an address or area on a map and increase or decrease the radius where you would like to be alerted. Create reports on enter, exit and residency time (how long the vehicle is in the geofence). Some of our clients enable geofences around worksites, city limits, and offices, but it’s up to you to configure geofences to best suit your operations. 

How geofences can benefit your operation

Improve scheduling and client estimates

Configuring geofences around a client property can provide you with insight over time to see how long it takes employees to finish up a particular job. Leveraging geofence reports, you can cross-reference your scheduling against how long the job took. If there’s a consistent discrepancy, you can adjust your scheduler to provide a more accurate estimate to your clients.

Reduce misuse of company assets

When you operate a business where employees work out in the field, you lose a lot of visibility. While most employees stick to their responsibilities, there are occasionally those who take advantage of these freedoms. Configuring geofences is a helpful way to keep tabs on employees without monitoring their every move. If employees aren’t to leave a city limit or aren’t supposed to operate vehicles after work hours, you can configure geofences to fit your restrictions. With geofences enabled, you can be alerted to misuse through live alerts, by monitoring Geofence reports, or by reviewing Daily Summary Reports that can be sent to your inbox each morning.

Augment payroll processes

Validate reported working hours by configuring a Geofence around your office. Geofence reports enable filtering by drivers and include exit and enter times by day. By the end of the week, these reports are ready to review and export in CSV files to enhance your existing payroll workflow.

How it works

Raven’s point-based geofences are easily configurable through the web app. You can customize each one’s location, size, alerts, and whether or not it expires. All you have to do is select an area on the map or enter the address of interest, and geofence alerts and reporting will automatically start providing visibility into your fleet.


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