Pest control service providers understand the time-sensitive nature of their operations. Responding to service requests efficiently and cost-effectively takes careful planning and follow-up. Specialized vehicles and costly materials warrant careful management and oversight. Raven’s real-time tracking with dual cameras and live streaming capabilities allows you to check in on your teams and assets remotely, whether they are parked or on the move.

Are my workers on task?

Being able to see when a team has started its day, where they have stopped, and when they have arrived at or left a job site provides tremendous value in managing your costs and productivity. Being able to live stream video from both the road and cabin facing cameras, whether moving or parked, allows you to check in periodically to ensure that your employees are on task.

Was the job started and completed on schedule?

Using Raven’s Web app Geofence feature, you can quickly create both permanent and temporary Geofences around one or more job sites, and receive real-time alerts on your Mobile device when your teams enter or leave these locations. This gives you the confidence to know when a job was started when it was completed and whether employees remained on-site for the duration. In addition to real-time alerts, Raven logs trip entries for Geofence events so that you can review these on a historical basis and for reporting or timesheet management purposes as well.

Are my vehicles in need of maintenance?

Knowing when a vehicle requires maintenance is key to mitigating costly repairs down the road. With Raven’s OBDII connectivity to your vehicle’s CAN bus, you can receive real-time alerts of vehicle fault codes.

Raven also alerts you of aggressive driving behaviors, including acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking, allowing you to avoid excessive wear and tear on tires and brakes, even more, important when hauling equipment trailers.

Are you growing your business?

Administering multiple remote teams servicing dispersed commercial and residential contracts is challenging in the best of circumstances. Raven can help take the guesswork out of managing your operations while at the same time providing greater accountability to your clients. Building on your reputation for quality and on-time performance attracts new clients and higher caliber employees, committed to the success of your business.

What our customers are saying

“You know these are big trucks that we use, and guys were showing up in brand new trucks with a little ding here and a dent there, not huge problems, but little problems that add up. Now that I’ve put the Ravens in, I’ve gone probably a year and still haven’t had any issues. They keep people’s attention; it’s right there in their face.”

Jim Fanning, President & CEO, Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control


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