The taxi industry has been at the leading edge of in-vehicle cameras for many years. In some markets, this has been mandated by the local authorities, and in others, fleets have elected to install cameras on their own for the safety, accountability, and insurance benefits they provide. In some situations, municipal, healthcare, and student transfer contracts awarded to taxi fleets require camera technology. Raven’s low cost, ease of installation, real-time connectivity, and rich feature set serves a growing list of leading taxi operators nationwide.

Are my drivers safe?

Taxi drivers typically serve dozens of passengers across a city in a single day. While most of these interactions are incredibly positive, there are always risks. Cabin-facing video can be a significant deterrent against violence, robbery, or other abusive behaviors toward drivers.

If an incident does occur, giving the authorities access to video and audio can be instrumental in apprehending a perpetrator. In addition to continuous recordings, Raven allows drivers to discreetly initiate a recording anytime they feel exposed, immediately marking and making it accessible to the dispatch office for easy review.

How can I get the best insurance rates and lower claims?

With a shrinking number of insurance options and high deductibles, doing everything in your power to reduce claims is critical. Some insurance providers require in-vehicle cameras or offer discounts for fleets that proactively install this technology.

The risk of vehicle damage and harm to pedestrians, passengers, and drivers is an ongoing concern. Raven continuously captures video evidence of incidents, should they occur, which can be instrumental in exonerating drivers and reducing the risk of frivolous and even fraudulent insurance claims. Taxis are often on the road 24 hours a day in all traffic and weather conditions.

Are my passengers being treated with respect?

Fleet operators today are fighting to retain customers and grow their contract business. Offering a differentiated service built upon a strong duty of care for vulnerable and at-risk populations can be the key to survival in a world of increased competition and a glut of supply. Raven allows fleet managers to audit and coach drivers in their driving habits and passenger interactions to maximize customer satisfaction.

In those instances where disagreements and arguments do occur, Raven can capture video and audio of these interactions, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions when responding to complaints.

Are my vehicles being driven with appropriate care?

A typical Taxi will be driven 50,000 miles or more per year, making ongoing maintenance and repair key costs associated with operating a fleet. Additional wear and tear on brakes, tires, and other costly parts resulting from aggressive driving can eat away at already slim margins. Raven tracks idling, speeding, aggressive accelerations, harsh braking, and potential impacts, leveraging facial recognition and machine learning to identify and rank drivers that are pushing up maintenance costs while putting themselves and others at risk.

Raven’s real-time, in-vehicle audio alerts and visual display when exceeding posted speed limits can be instrumental in adjusting poor driving habits.

What are our customers are saying

“The Raven solution has been a great match for our operations as we upgrade our fleet and service levels in response to market dynamics. Having this increased visibility into our vehicles and greater control over the risks that they and our drivers are exposed to is very important to the continuing evolution of our business.”

Jason Peery, General Manager, St. Louis County Cab


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