Professionals within the towing industry face daily challenges, from traumatic and stressful situations at accident sites to extreme weather conditions and extended waiting periods. Managing a successful towing operation requires complete situational awareness. Raven delivers firsthand insights to owners, managers, and supervisors to ensure the safety and productivity of their mobile teams and the critical services they provide.

Will it increase the safety of my operators?

Your tow vehicles are often among the first to arrive and last to depart the scene of an accident. Ensuring proper safety protocols are observed under potentially hazardous roadside conditions allows you to coach staff and optimize outcomes for all stakeholders.

Raven’s real-time and Historic Video Streaming capabilities allow you to easily monitor and investigate concerns or incidents in and around your vehicles. Even where events aren’t triggered, video continuously recorded by Raven can also capture the behaviors of other motorists in the vicinity of an accident which could prove useful to authorities later on. 

Will it improve my response times?

Knowing which of your vehicles is closest to a distress call and being able to visually ascertain the availability of that operator at the click of a button allows you to better set expectations with customers. Being able to see firsthand the traffic conditions that may be impeding progress can also assist in this regard.

Raven also allows you to share the location of a dispatched tow vehicle with the authorities or customer so that they can monitor the vehicle’s location as it approaches their position in real-time.

Will it save me money?

Knowing that your vehicles and employee time are being used for company-sanctioned work is step one to reducing costs and other attendant risk factors. Being able to correlate fuel card usage with time, location, and fuel levels also allows you to optimize expenses and discourage misuse. Raven reports related to aggressive driving, speeding, and idling events also help you to manage your exposure and identify trends of abuse.

In addition, Raven’s ability to connect with and monitor the OBDII port of your vehicles can notify you of service-related alerts allowing you to better plan for and schedule maintenance, avoiding costly repairs if left unnoticed.

Will it help me to grow my business?

Fostering a culture of safety and accountability lets your employees, customers, and the authorities know that these are priorities for your organization. Using Raven to research and respond quickly to concerns when they arise gives you more time to focus on productive tasks that can increase business and grow your company.

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