Construction and restoration companies are always on the move. Transporting equipment, personnel, and supplies to and from job sites can consume multiple hours per day. Knowing where your teams and materials are located is critical to completing work on time and within budget. Raven provides this visibility and more, helping companies manage and maintain their mobile assets while keeping personnel safe and on task.

How can I better monitor my field operations?

Safety is paramount. Construction operations sites can be hazardous by nature. Being able to check in on your crews and job sites leveraging Raven’s road and cabin-facing live streaming video capabilities can provide peace of mind and an enhanced sense of awareness of your field operations.

Raven’s Trip and Geofence reports can serve as a virtual sign-in and sign-out for your work crews. Knowing the exact time that they arrived at and left a location and capturing real-time and historical images of vehicle occupants allows you to make informed decisions leveraging the most current data.

How can I get my drivers to take better care of my vehicles?

Construction can be a rough and tumble business. Congested job sites, and challenging parking situations with equipment and materials being loaded and unloaded near your vehicles can result in dents and dings without due care. Ravens installed in your vehicles can detect movement and initiate image and video capture so that you know when an incident has occurred and can see who may have been responsible. This same feature can protect your vehicles when they are parked overnight, serving as an always-on security sentry.

With so much time on the road, accidents are inevitable. Being able to investigate an incident and provide your insurer with both road- and cabin-facing video footage can speed the claims process and exonerate your drivers.

Is there a way to know when my vehicles require service?

Knowing when a vehicle requires service can assist you in scheduling maintenance activities that can keep your teams safe on the road and avoid costly repairs down the line. Raven connects to the OBDII port of your vehicle, receiving and reporting real-time notifications of vehicle fault codes and maintenance alerts.

Can I keep track of my non-vehicle assets?

The equipment you bring to and leave at a job site can be expensive from the perspectives of capital investment and opportunity cost due to lost productivity. Knowing the location of a particular vehicle or piece of equipment can save time and money. Raven’s advanced Bluetooth BLE gateway facilities allow you to install low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons on important equipment and to report the last known location for tracking and recovery purposes. With this information, you can quickly identify on which of your vehicles a particular piece of equipment is currently located or at which job site it may have been left.

What our clients are saying

“Raven helps me to manage my fleet and work crews. I’m able to track all of my vehicles and see exactly when my employees are moving from one job to the next. With Raven’s tracking, I know whether or not we’re on schedule. When I’m out on a job, I also like that I’m able to check in on my team from my cell phone using the mobile app. Alerts provide useful and customizable information without the need to check in.”

Giuseppe Maniaci, President Bytown Paving


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