Pest control service providers understand the time-sensitive nature of their operations. Responding to service requests efficiently and cost-effectively takes careful […]
Returning to your vehicle to find that it has been broken into is a real pain and if it’s the […]
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Office manager reviewing Raven Facial Recognition Reporting
What it is The Raven Connected Reporting feature rounds up data collected through its advanced telematics capabilities. It presents this […]
worker using iPad to review telematics data for his fleet of trucks
What is telematics? Telematics is a broad, somewhat daunting term that encapsulates the transmission of information through the use of […]
Raven Connected trouble code diagnostic tool
Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTC’s are used to diagnose vehicle issues. For example, when you see that check engine light […]
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Mobile Security service providers are charged with the oversight and protection of high-value assets, leveraging dedicated vehicles, and highly trained […]