What it is The Live Streaming feature provides remote access to real-time video streaming of the cabin and road cameras […]
What it is A Geofence is a point or area on a map that can trigger events when a vehicle […]
What it is If you would like to share vehicle location and status with another person regularly, use the Raven […]
What it is Dispatch Messaging allows users to send messages instantly to Raven’s screens via the Raven Connected web app. […]
What it is Raven’s cabin-facing camera is AI-powered, enabling the ability to perform Facial Recognition. This functionality provides the ability […]
dash camera view from the road
Smart phone, smart home… what’s next? Smart dash cameras are the latest device to hit the market this past year. […]
Locking your car in a parking lot for security.
Recently there has been a huge uptick in the use of home security systems such as Nest, Ring, or any […]
Are you following these eight driver safety tips? Whether you are driving alone or with passengers, driving safely should be […]
GPS vehicle tracker point to point
The safety of cars, people in them and their performance has increasingly become a topic of conversation. Many insurance companies […]