Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) operators are a critical element of the national healthcare infrastructure. Getting patients to and from appointments on-time while demonstrating the appropriate duty of care and complying with federal regulations, including ADA, is paramount. With schedules changing throughout the day, keeping tabs on each trip is demanding on dispatchers and drivers. Dispatchers need to be able to respond to calls from patients and their service providers in real-time with accurate up to the minute information. Raven allows your team to see firsthand, exactly where your vehicles are and when a patient (or patients) are in that vehicle.

Can I locate my vehicles and provide proof of performance?

Arriving on time or perhaps even a little early is important to ensure that patients receive the care they require. Raven allows you to monitor vehicle progress with its real-time GPS reporting and also confirm whether patients and attendants are on board via live streaming cabin-facing images and video.

For critical appointments, you can create temporary Geofences to know exactly when a driver has arrived at a pickup or dropoff address. Reports of these Geofence interactions are available per vehicle and driver. You can also share a trip with an agent or clinic so that they can monitor the trip’s progress in real-time.

Are my passengers being treated with respect?

NEMT fleet operators today are fighting to retain customers and sign new contracts. Offering a differentiated service built upon a strong duty of care for vulnerable and at-risk populations can be the key to survival in a world of increased competition. Raven allows fleet managers to audit and coach drivers in their driving habits and passenger interactions to maximize customer satisfaction.

In those instances where disagreements and arguments do occur, Raven can capture video and audio of these interactions, allowing managers to make informed decisions when responding to complaints. Review footage remotely instantly to validate or dispute client complaints.

Are my drivers adhering to posted speed limits and driving with
appropriate care?

Raven shows drivers their current speed relative to the posted speed limit. Administrators can set a speeding threshold over which drivers will receive audible alerts, and managers will receive notifications that can be used for driver coaching.

In addition, Raven monitors for aggressive accelerations and harsh braking, allowing you to ensure that passengers receive a smooth ride. All poor driving behavior and incidents are captured and summarized, sent in a daily report for you to take action immediately, or can be selectively reviewed by event type in Event Review to identify trends.

What our clients are saying

“Raven has resolved all of the issues we had initially purchased it for; it has allowed our organization to prevent accidents, resolve client complaints, improve driver performance and enforce policies. The only thing we genuinely wish is that we had purchased Raven sooner, as it is such a big asset to the company.”

– Courtney Muchugu, Supervisor, United Transportation Group Inc.


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