Limousine and executive transportation service providers strive to deliver their clients the highest caliber of experience. Ensuring these high standards are consistently met requires a measure of oversight that is difficult to achieve. Raven offers a solution to this challenge, allowing fleet owners and supervisors to track vehicles in real time, receive driving event alerts as they occur, and view live video on demand from their desktop or mobile device.

Are drivers at the pick-up location on time?

First impressions are everything. When it comes to providing luxury transportation, that means being at the pick-up location on time, if not early. As a business owner or operator, you already know and work towards this, but not all of your staff may be as diligent. With drivers out on jobs, you need a way to ensure that they’re upholding your service standards. In the event of a dispute with a client, you may need evidence to back up your driver. 

The Raven Connected mobile and web app provides tools to keep you informed while drivers are on the road—track driver locations up to the second from the dashboard on both the web and mobile apps. Know how close they are to the pick-up location. Send a message to their Raven screen reminding them they should be on their way. Set a Geofence around a pick-up or drop-off location to be alerted when a driver arrives. 

Client requesting discounts for late pick-ups? Look at that client’s trip details in Trip Review to review timestamps, locations, and images for each event along the way. You can even pull high-definition footage of key moments with associated timestamps through the Enhanced Video Access feature. Without Raven, it’s your client’s word against your driver’s. But with these tools, you’ll know and have proof of what happened.

Operating a business takes up a lot of your resources; let Raven keep track of the details for you.  

Are drivers utilizing company resources for personal gain?

A number of our clients have received tips that their drivers are promoting or taking side jobs and pocketing the cash. At best, this doesn’t negatively impact a client’s experience, though you are losing out on revenue while incurring the cost of these endeavors. At worst, it could cause drivers to be late for other scheduled jobs or even create an unprofessional association with your business.   

Check-in with live streaming road and cabin video to see if drivers have passengers in the vehicle when a job isn’t scheduled or if it’s gone longer than expected. When you live stream, the video will be saved to the cloud and can be used at a later time to question the driver. 

Setting Geofences around city limits or areas where drivers shouldn’t leave can also help catch side jobs. These alerts provide a warning that something unusual is happening, prompting you to check their real-time GPS location and live stream. 

As mentioned, Trip Review can be leveraged for each trip’s complete details. Review trips regularly to ensure they match driver log books or client bookings. 

Are drivers providing an optimal experience for clients?

Are clients receiving a smooth and stress-free ride? Even if drivers show up on time and follow company rules, their driving habits could negatively impact client experience and hike up operating costs.

Monitor driving behavior with Raven’s driving alerts and review the associated footage to see what happened to trigger an alert. Packed with internal sensors, Raven can report on aggressive driving, automatically pushing cabin and road footage of harsh braking or a potential collision to the cloud for your review. Raven’s Event Review feature provides a consolidated framework to review selected event types to determine whether there’s a trend of poor driving behavior or if there’s context to explain it. Use the footage of critical events for coaching opportunities or to put towards an insurance claim. 

We also understand that VIP client privacy can also be crucial when it comes to luxury transportation. Raven enables video and audio customization, allowing you to turn off recording anytime for more sensitive situations.

Interested in Raven for your limousine and executive transportation business company? Schedule a demo with us.


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