Airport, car rental, parking, and hotel shuttle operators offer an invaluable service to travelers around the world. Getting people where they need to be in an efficient and timely manner is critical to the flow of business. The shuttle bus is often the first and last impression that is made on guests and customers, meaning that you want to do it well! Raven enhances shuttle operations by providing real-time tracking and eyes-on visibility into the location and loading of your shuttle vehicles.

Will it help my operations staff?

Raven’s real-time GPS updates and live streaming cabin-facing camera allows your operations team to monitor in real-time the status of a particular run. Knowing when a shuttle is at or nearing capacity can also assist in setting the expectations of other customers.

Setting Geofence triggers can be helpful in tracking the times at which your vehicles entered or exited a particular location, which helps monitor on-time performance. Leverage reports to review trends and improve scheduling.

Additionally, Raven’s ability to connect with and monitor the OBDII port of your vehicles can notify you of service-related alerts allowing you to better plan and schedule maintenance, avoiding costly repairs if unnoticed.

Can it improve communications with our drivers?

Raven allows you to send a Dispatch Message to your driver from the Raven Web app. This can be used to alert drivers of their next stop, the phone number of their next passenger, or other information that will help them to connect with your customers.

How can I let my customers know that we are on our way?

Raven allows you to quickly share the location of your shuttles (with a real-time map and even images from the road-facing camera) with passengers awaiting their pick-up. Provide your clients with confidence that their ride is on the way and assist them in locating their vehicle when it arrives by installing Raven into your fleet.


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