Mobile Security service providers are charged with the oversight and protection of high-value assets, leveraging dedicated vehicles and highly trained personnel. Raven Connected’s advanced video telematics technology can help your security business ensure staff safety while fulfilling strict service level commitments by using real-time resource tracking.

Are my workers safe? 

Mobile security guards are most often alone patrolling areas like construction sites, parking lots, and residential areas. Though these workers are trained to navigate several potentially risky situations, it’s still reasonable to have concern for your workers’ safety. Take precautions to protect your assets and guards with Raven’s connected camera system.  

If a security incident occurs, Raven captures it. Recording high-definition cabin and road footage continuously, Raven provides a second set of eyes to your patroller at the site to be reviewed at any time. 

Even when a security incident doesn’t trigger an event, Enhanced Video Access and Historical Streaming features enable you to look back remotely, reviewing any time if a patroller or client alerts you to an incident after the fact.

Keep the lines of communication open with employees by messaging them with critical information through the Dispatch Messaging feature on the Raven Connected web app. If important information needs to be disseminated to keep them safe, they can keep them up to date instantly. 

Are my workers on task?

With workers often patrolling through the night, even for quality staff, it can be tempting at times to doze off when it seems like nothing is going on. Of course, it’s when it appears that there’s no threat that inevitably, something goes wrong. Mobile security companies exist for this reason: to always be alert and monitoring.

Use Raven’s live tracking and streaming capabilities to know that workers are on task and ready for anything that comes their way. 

Geofences can also help track worker productivity. Set them around a job site to receive alerts if the security guard has left the area when they shouldn’t have and to know how long they were onsite. The Geofence Reports in the Raven Connected web app aggregate several data points for you to track patrollers’ behavior with job sites easily. 

For some, monitoring overnight may not be possible. Raven’s Daily Reports are emailed each morning, summarizing any critical events from the day before, so you never miss a moment.

Can I show clients we’re effective?

Providing feedback to clients on patrol operations can be a great way to maintain your reputation and keep these relationships healthy into the future. In much the same way that you can use Raven to protect your staff and ensure they’re on task, you can also pass this information along to a client.

Sharing footage from Raven is easy. Once you’ve downloaded a relevant video snippet, send this footage through email or text to keep clients aware of any suspicious activity surrounding their property.  

If a client has questions regarding patrol hours, the Geofence report can be sent over to them. All of Raven’s reports found in the web app can be easily downloaded in a CSV format. This file can be emailed to your client with each time and duration spent patrolling their property. 

What our clients are saying

“Raven is much easier to use than our previous system. The live view with alerts for driver behavior is a very useful feature. We are extremely pleased with Raven’s level of service and plan to equip all future vehicles with these cameras.”

 – Jim Whiteman, Signal88 Security 

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