Fire protection service providers assist their clients in complying with complex regulations with far-reaching impacts on personal health and safety. Raven Connected supports fire and safety operators by maintaining accurate records of site visits and allowing supervisors to monitor the location and security of remote teams, performing these functions in real-time, including live streaming video from their vehicles. Adding Raven to your daily workflows can help improve your operations and save you money.

Are my inspectors on schedule?

As inspectors travel from site to site, you may be left wondering if they’re ahead of or behind schedule. Raven allows you to check-in at any time to ensure work is going according to plan or to make adjustments as needed.

Use Raven’s live tracking and streaming capabilities to know whether workers are en route or onsite. If plans change, the live tracking feature can help you determine whether another crew is better positioned to service the next appointment. Raven’s Dispatch Messaging feature lets you tell the team directly via Raven’s screens. 

Geofences can also increase visibility into your operations. Set them up around inspection sites to receive alerts when your teams arrive at and depart these locations. Raven also keeps track of how long they were onsite. The Geofence Reports in the Raven Connected web app aggregate these data points so that you can easily track worksite activities and use this data to improve scheduling for future visits.

What happened to the vehicle?

Installation and inspection teams spend a great deal of time traveling from site to site. This puts your vehicles and employees at risk. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, Raven clarifies incidents, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the best response.

While your vehicles are in motion, Raven continuously records high-definition video footage from the cabin- and road-facing cameras. If a collision occurs, Raven senses the impact and sends an alert while simultaneously uploading the associated video to the cloud for immediate viewing. You can use this footage to assess the situation, coach your employees, or exonerate the driver from liability. Additionally, some circumstances requiring additional verification may not trigger an event. In these situations, you can leverage Enhanced Video Access to retrieve high-definition video snippets from any point along their travels.  

Even while your vehicle is parked, Raven is monitoring its surroundings. Packed with sensors, if a security incident occurs, like getting backed or broken into, Raven captures images of the cabin and road and immediately alerts you of the disturbance.

Constant monitoring by management for triggered events isn’t always possible. Raven keeps a log of daily activities with Daily Summary Reports. Receive aggregated data emailed each morning, summarizing any critical events from the day before so you are briefed and ready to take on the day.

How can I improve the client experience?

The data Raven collects can be useful for your accounts as well. Raven’s trip-sharing feature is an excellent way to maintain communication with a client while your team is on their way to the site. For each trip taken, you can share a link from the Raven app that provides the live location of your vehicle and preview images of the road ahead. Features like this can enhance client relationships putting you ahead of the competition and ensuring the client is ready for your inspector’s arrival. 

If a client has questions regarding inspection times and dates, Trip and Geofence reports can be easily exported and transmitted via email to demonstrate arrival, departure, and time on site.

What our clients are saying

“We are big fans of the Raven product. It assists us in locating inspectors on their routes and allowing us to determine the best team to send to an appointment while tracking mileage as well as time on site.”

Robert Furber, President of Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc.

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